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What you need to know before and after you buy MCC Smart Fortwo

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Because of the ignorance thay exists from the candidate purchasers and the recent holders of Smart Fortwo for what they should be careful at their purchase and after this, I consider as my minimal obligation against them to be shared common acceptable conclusions assembled all together. This network place is not intended to convince somebody to take Smart but to inform somebody that wants or has Smart, centralized. If you want to be convinced, simply drive one ?

History (Essential for the comprehension of present?)

The Smart (Swatch Mercedes ART) are manufactured in the Hambach in the Lorraine of France. The factorial unit is named Smartville, her creation began in 1994 and was completed in October 1997 in a collaboration of Daimler-Benz with the Swiss company of clocks Swatch. Initial drastic movements for the realisation of this idea that is henceforth known as Smart made the chairman of Swatch, Nicolas Hayek which wanted it creates the Swatch Car (Swatchmobile), a car cheap, ecological and pleasant. The initial contacts had become with the Volkswagen (1991) but finally led to collaboration with the Mercedes-benz subsidiary company of former Daimler-Benz, ex DaimlerChrysler (1994) and thus were created the MCC (Micro Compact Car). After a lot of losses of profits in this collaboration finally the Swatch was withdrawn (1998) and thus the MCC became totally subsidiary company of DaimlerChrysler. The production of Smart Fortwo began 1 July 1998.

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Versions - Equipment

The Smart Fortwo are produced in five basic versions Pure, Pulse, Passion, Brabus, Cabrio and in a lot of extraordinary variants occasionally eg Sunray, Purestyle, Grandstyle while the representatives usually create their own versions with differentiations in colours, equipment etc All the Smart Fortwo of independent price, equipment and chronology have in their basic equipment 2 airbags, sequential gear box of 6 speeds + reverse (clutch does not exist, simply a stick shift that pushing it above upshifts speed and pushing him under he drops down, the drop down becomes alone from whenever needed in order to not extinguish the car), ESP: Electronic Stability Program, ABS: Antilock Braking System with Electronic Brake Force Distribution, CBC: Cornering Brake Control, HSA: Automatic Hill Start Assist (only in the 700cc), ASR: Acceleration Slip Control. The models with 700cc (2003 and afterwards) have more evolved - independent systems of stabilisation. Before 2003 models they are reported in them with the more general term Trust +. Still in the basic equipment they are included Immobilizer, 15inch alloys while are absent the locks in doors what open with remote controll as the space of baggages (in the models from 2002 and afterwards). Basic we report that all the Smart Fortwo are Turbo, they work between 0.4-0.8 Bar with the exception of the version Brabus that works 1.1bar and weight roughly 740 kg. Moreover the engines were placed behind, 3cylinders, aluminium, weight of hardly 60 kg with 2 sparks per cylinder, in which does not exist belt camshaft but chain (something that makes service considerably more cheaply than cars with belt as eg Alfa Romeo). Finally it is rear movement, they have incorporated electronic cutter in 135 real kilometres (140 in the speedometer), they allocate three separate lamps H7 for intermediate, H1 for big, and H3 for headlights, while they come always with 2 keys from the factory (reported because in a lot of cases of purchase handled mainly from stockyards they only give a key.)

Smart Fortwo Limits?

The version Pure is the simplest one and does not have no extras. The engine attributes 50 horses in the 700cc and 45 in the 600cc while it does not have A/C. If you need something more in equipment it would be good to look the richest versions than pure that will have them in the basic equipment than add them as extra. Pures price begins as new from the 9400 Euros. Exists also version Pure II with moreover A/C and 62 horses (700cc).

The version Pulse contains moreover glass roof, A/C, possibility of different internal colorations also concerning the Passion version of rims different drawing with biger tyres (175-195 front), threeradius wheel with guidances of change of speeds, counter-clock headlights of fog, sequential gear box (only), black tridion. -62ps

The Passion has also A/C, automatic box, glass roof, possibility of different internal colorations concerning the Pulse alloys with rubbers 145-175 front, automatic and sequential box, silver tridion, automatic locking of doors afterwards 20km/h, automatic operation of windscree-wipers (interrupted operation, with automatically regulated intervals, depending on hm/hour). Pulse is considered more "sportf", while passion more "luxurious". -62ps

For better and in detail briefing of accessories, horsepower as price of each version ideal it will be to visit your local representatives of one and usually they are not constants in the passage of time.

Important it is reported that the above versions do not have absolutely no mechanic difference, only that in the mapping of CPU, where in the faster versions it allows the Turbo to works in bigger pressure of overfilling, with result the bigger horsepower (and obviously lower reliability).

Differences exist in the version Brabus where the comfort, the reliability and the horsepower are increased as of course and the price…

Smart Fortwo Dimensions

The mainer extra that it can put somebody in Smart Fortwo is turbo meter that measures the pressure of Turbo and substantially if the driver knows exploit rightly the information that this can him give, him will a lot help in the achievement of more economic control but also less mechanic problems (eg. in turbo). The alarm is something that should no absent from no one Smart. Unfortunately Smart are from the easiest violable cars without remains no obvious deterioration at their violation (or locked it is or it is not the same thing for somebody that it wants to get inside the cabin) and specifically the Cabrio that has the additional disadvantage of the hood. Obviously somebody can open smart each day and the owner would undertaken him only when it loses or conceives that something to him is absent. Important it is reported that continuously mupltiply the thefts Smart that are attractively because the high price and their easy burglary. Prefer someone eponymous alarm as much as possible better with bidirectional communication (you will be noticed in the remote control) while you can combine him with Turbo Timer and remote start. In the safety of Smart sure help the heavy sticks of safety that lock the wheel and sure the black panes that hide the interior and specifically the spaces of baggages. In the sector of sound it is very appreciable addition the Sound Packet of Smart that improves radically the sound in the Smart and includes divided loudspeakers and cabins for what (said snails) is placed under the dash. Essential is judged the addition of automatic box of speeds (activation of this relative sub system via the CPU and addition of proportional handle speeds - no mechanic change) that coexists with sequential gear box and is very useful specifically in traffic (in the Passion it is in the basic equipment). Obviously exists simply a button in where stepping him the changes become automatically. The consumption remains roughly in the same levels, while does not exist no one absolutely moreover mechanic deterioration. Good it is enters at the order otherwise the cost is doubled for then placement (in the 700 Euros from 300 Euros at the initial purchase). The smae stands for the A/C that in Smart where does not have (Pure) the placement is impossible because horsepower and if finally becomes the price is disadvantageous (1500 Euros).

The Fortwo have the possibility of be equipped with glass opened roof at their order or then this with a important cost of course. The glass opened roof him makes more beautiful and sure it distinguishes, it has however enough negatively for that it is not recommended. Apart from the cost, in case (by no means improbable) appearance of problem in ntjzes this, the repair is impossible and it should it is replaced entire (2500 Euros). Moreover it limits considerably the internal space of automotive, rendering prohibitory for taller passengers. Finally the use should become always in smooth ground of (one and it does not have margins of deformity) while is judged essential the meticulous cleanness of her corridors. Consequently for Fortwo with opened roof, directly in Cabrio.

Uneasy will be disappointed one and the big time about the alternation of speeds, the electronic aids and the electronic accelerator do not leave margins for games and madnesses records. Even if if him it learns somebody might him go to certain points with the by… (as long as this is possible certain…)

For the deactivation of electronic aids they exist relative deactivation plugs. They are connected in the plug of connection of diagnostic (OBD Port) that it exists left under the dash, next to the wheel in the 600cc and in the behind side in the left winger self next to the wheel in the 700cc. Their operation is simply short circuits two terminals of the plug (the 7 with the 4). the connection (or activation provided that is for blows with switch that is always connected) it should he becomes always with the engine and all electric deactivation for the reject of short-circuit. Their result of use is the deactivation of ASR and ESP in the 600cc and moreover the ABS, CBC in the 700cc.

Smart Fortwo ESP Deactivation Plug

With the deactivation of systems, the possibility for slip henceforth is possible even if the Smart becomes very dangerous. Because small wheelbase is practically impossible the control in his cases of loss and this when it becomes, it becomes practically without no warning. Naturally because whellbase, designing it should is compared the Smart with other cars without relative systems of stabilisation. In the 700cc the dangers are bigger one and the HSA (Automatic Hill Start Assist) deactivated while is deactivated the ABS. The HSA is a system where front we begin from attitude and while we leave the brake it keeps the brakes active in the wheels for 0,7 sec moreover, so as to it forecasts the use of handbrake in potential ascents. Obviously in case of blocking of wheels, even momentarily when it moves, the wheels they will remain blocked for still 0,7 sec though we we will accelerate, rendering mortal in most cases. Cost approximately 50 Euros in Greece (unjustifiable for manufacture that it costs nor 50 thinly, but one way road).

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Problems in the Smart Fortwo - reliability

Smart Fortwo Editions

The Smart Fortwo are upgraded each year with the circulation of their new version. The more important changes became in the version that came out in the market the means 2002. The differences concerning previous is the by far more reliable engine, turbine and the existence of by far more comfortable suspension front. Still tank it became henceforth 33 litres (roughly 500 - 600 km autonomy) instead of 22 that it was up to then and the keys they henceforth have 3 buttons (locking, unlocking, opening of space of baggages) instead of 2 that they had before (space of baggages, locking/unlocking) so as to they are decreased the probabilities of erroneous unlocking. It distinguishes from the previous version from the forward lanterns where henceforth they have become as teardrop with more curnes (facelift) contrary to previous that were single (this it is not in effect in the Cabrio where the forward lanterns it was always as teardrop) and from the down part of forward mask that henceforth is 2 pieces (bumper) contrary to the previous models that were only bumper. In the forward mask end it writes Smart contrary to next that it has C from the City.

Next important upgrade the version 2003 where the engine became henceforth 700cc from 600cc, was improved the box of speeds and were upgraded the electronic systems of stability of car. ESP: Electronic Stability Program, ASR: Acceleration Slip Control and the addition of Brake Assist. At general consent it is a radically improved Smart, specifically in the sector of reliability (engine, turbo). The most obvious differences that him differentiate from previous versions are, the existence C in the mask contrary to the Smart that writes older and the logo Fortwo in the down left winger part of door of space of baggages.

Smart Fortwo 2007 Sand Creation

The next version will come out in the European market in April 2007 and the first information says that it will have at 14 cm longer car body (this means automatically better handling, comfort, because bigger wheelbase and bigger safety in the frontal conflicts, even if sure will lose from his practicality in conditions of big cities) while the engines that will be used they is manufactured from the Mitsubishi (as in Smart For4). Exist 2 fames, that they will be 700cc, turbo, 3 cylinder, variable timing and will begin from the 63 horses or that they will be atmospheric 1000cc (very obviously with the reliability that it characterizes the Mitsubishi will be suseptible of criticism in ayto'.ton sector). This will be also the unique occasion of Smart in order to it remains in the market and it does not close. It is reminded that from her first day of operation it has not accomplished it has no profitable model and with each car that it sells it is debited still more (one of the reasons that withdrew from the market the Smart Roadster, Coupe in November 2005, announced the interruption of production of Smart For4 in March 2006 and postponed indefinitely the manufacture of other models that had programmed ph Formore.)

The main problems that it presents Smart are the fall of pressure in the cylinders and have as consequence the replacement of the engine because the small thickness of walls of rolls it does not allow the possibility reconditioning apart from minimal cases where it is possible for a time. This problem appears simply if the car it is connected in diagnostic garage.

Destroyed Smart Fortwo Pistons

Other problem is crack of turbine (manifold for the precision) mainly from bad use and as unique solution is the replacement (manifold unfortunately is not sold as separate part). Characteristic sample is the burn of significantly quantity of oil, in certain cases the high noise that emanates from winged the turbine and is samples that it will still work for a long time. These two damage globally can with comfort reach the cost of car provided that they become in permitted garage while the lack of not permitted garages him renders one way road for no and so much searched.

The aforementioned damages is usual in all the Smart Fortwo and mainly in the versions up to the beginnings 2002 (before Facelift) where exists cases where the engine broke - stuck even before 15.000km. Medium time of untroubled life of engine of Smart is considered 55.000km - 60.000km. Afterwards from these km (at mean always, which they throw the models pre facelift) is increased the consumption of oil something which signals automatically also beggining of the end for the engine (which can is after 5.000km or even 30.000km). Exist however also cases Smart where they have reached 90.000km unproblemed with very prudence in the accelerator and right operation, maintainance of engine (it is reported below) from there the burn of oil and potential problems they are inevitable. The guarantee most times covers these problems even if the Mercedes in order to she is covered reports that does not exist problem if the consumption of oil does not exceed the 1 litre per 1.000 km (something that means that should each 500km should is supplemented half small bottle oil…) It is marked that the Smart Fortwo with engine 700cc have increased reliability and have not been reported important problems of reliability as in the older models (while they wear the same engine, turbo with the Smart Roadster 62ps).

Broken Smart Fortwo Engine

Usual, but no problem is when is found in movement, in hot time Smart Fortwo raises temperature in the 100 degrees (4 dots) where after little (in the 103 degrees) after they open the fans of refrigeration of engine, intercooler falls the temperature. This does not happen when is used A/C because the fans work constantly. The same problem is also presented in big travels where the engine stiffens and the temperature of air are high, in these cases the oil are heated because the lack of refrigerator of oil and need some time, in order to you stop, you extinguish and colds. In the kidnapping of heat it can help the use radiator where it pulls the heat from the engine via his pipings and him it refreshes in some small degree.

But usual problems it is the no so much good leak-tightness in the back scuttles and minimal times in the rubbers that seals the doors-rearview mirrors so that exists surge of water in the interior of car. This appears if under rugs exists humidity and if from the internal side of scuttles, in their down part, have remained blots above in the dust that it exists in tridion. Exist older lots of cars with problematic switch of lights that him has recalled the Smart and is changed without debit while in certain cars are usual the continuous burn shining because unstable electric circuit and the alone way is passed is the market of shining high quality. Many 700cc have defective bases of engine what are worn out very shortly and need replacement. Despite the fact is not important and worrying problem,  de ceases it is make.

The humidity that dazzles many times the panes at the cold days leaves relatively with difficulty in the Smart Fortwo. The reason that happens blurring is because in low temperatures the humidity that exists in air it is liquefied more easily. The pane of car is the suitable part in order to becomes this of one and is the coldest part in the cabin of car. Has almost the same temperature kaj in the 2 sides and the air liquefies his humidity in his surface, when the temperatures are low. Unique way in order to is avoided this with natural way, is are increased the temperature of Campin of one and the hotter air, have the possibility of retaining bigger rates of humidity. The most effective way is use A/C for the holders of one and helps in the dewetting of Campin. For unlucky that do not have A/C the use of fans in the biggest scale, with regulation in hot and with the import of air in the place for exterior air and no recycled (in order to are renewed the air with news that will have smaller rate of humidity), will help. Products that exist in the trade and prevent ca'mpwma the panes help enough (eg the Sonax or the Johnson and Johnson with 5 Euros).

In Fortwo equipped with lateral airbags exists probability it turns on the lamp of airbags in the table of bodies certain times. This has relation with their cable of connection that passes under the seat without he is covered. Any seizure, even momentary (at the placement of leather seats, closure of drawer under the place of driver etc) activates the lamp of control, which can extinguish at the next departure of engine, or need connection in diagnostic. The himself can happen also with the cable of connection of anterior airbags at the duration that the starter is opened.

Few times unlocking automotive via remote control it is impossible unless the distance is despite very small, this is not considered problem and has to make with electromagnetic waves that exist in that region moment and influence the efficiency of the remote control. With enough efforts finally it functions. (the particular phenomenon can is presented in any car and is absolutely physiologic)

Finally a more general problem of is remote keys deprogramming, certain times when is stepped the button of locking for hour, accidental (while it is found for example flown in some bag). As result Smart unlocks and only that it makes be it blinks lights 9 times at the step of button. Unique solution afterwards is the visit in permitted garage in order to reprogramming the keys and the car in connection via computer with the Mercedes Germany (affair 10 thin from the moment where will begin the process) cost 35 Euros.

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Market handled

The market handled is a difficult decision that should are taken into consideration a lot of parameters. Worthy report it is the possibility that has the each householder via some specialised garage of be connected in the car and of turning the kilometres in clue that this wants. This becomes as a rule in the Smart Fortwo (in much bigger degree than remainder automotive) that is imported by Germany and it is calculated in percentage of bigger 90%. Data of problems that was reported more, market Smart Fortwo with more from 35.000km is not particular being in my interest market, special in cases where you do not know the use that him made by his previous householders. This him know the salesmen and if you search in the market all the Smart Fortwo they will have 35.000-50.000km. He should we exclude from the future markets the cars with program of one and the distress is by far bigger than the factorial and problems given, one and the increase of horsepower he becomes without no change of mechanic parts of car (piston rods, camshaft, pistons, turbine). Despite the attractive prices (even under 5000 Euros sometimes) he would be legitimate to avoid all the Smart that are pre Facelift of generation (2002/6th and before), one and are examples to reject of handled car. It is comprehensible of course that we speak always for a car of small cubism, horsepower-propensity and thus the throttle is always very deeply stepped comparatively with a other car of double cubism while at the movement even with very relaxed rythms, the turns go up without particular effort above the 3000rpm, in order to it comparatively pulls at the changes, having as result the bigger deterioration. Important it is you calculate on average 10.000-15.000km, for each year of life of car so as to you compare if they are in effect hm that reports the salesman, with what you calculate you. Other ways it is to see the service book car, one and in each service they are quoted km that became this and to calculate. Unique the possibility that has the Mercedes in all each the world and in service that becomes in permitted garage passes the elements - km in a world base of data so only with the sequential number of car in any part you are to you it says when it became, that it became and how many hm it had his car in passed service, in any part and if they became them (it is enough it was in permitted garage). For the right calculation of chronology of car easy, fast and reliable way they are the obvious differences (eg facelift) that they are described more in the unit "Problems in the Smart Fortwo - reliability". Many times the salesmen write chronologies that do not have no relation with the reality and if the car of is import does not appear in the papers.

Good it would be you search for Smart Fortwo with publicity instead of handled (certain that have circulated until today in big number are the Smart Fable, Tim, Vodafone, Alpha Bank, Puma and other many). These are given by the official delegations occasionally after you are selected by the list all interested and provided that you reside in Athens. The representatives close agreements with the companies that put their publicity in the Smart Fortwo and have the possibility him of acquiring from 2200 Euros until 3200 Euros cheaper rather buying without publicity (really 1500-2500 Euro of one and usually is obligatory from the delegations the purchase of useless accessories that in cases of market new Smart is given as gift). Your obligations it is to have publicity from 1 until 3 years (usually 1) in the Smart, to assist in certain events of company that you advertize (1 the month in the papers but practically from no one until the 2 time) and finally to have mixed insurance. Naturally it will be supposed you are selected from all interested one and becomes choice afterwards the deposit of application in the delegation… Search, it deserves, specifically if you want Smart with additional accessories…

Correct handling - Service

Smart Fortwo Turbine

The right handling of each car that allocates Turbo and how many of rather Smart that is also sensitive in that sector has it makes with right warming - cold down. Front we begin with our Smart it should him we leave to fall the turns in slow motion and ideally to turn on the first dot of temperature (40 degrees) and afterwards we begin. Important it is we do not accelerate deeply while has not gone up in the 3 dots the temperature. This because it should have warm the engine, the oil and is right his fertilization with as much as possible less deteriorations, constrictions - dilations. At burnout the engine provided that we stop after a fast way with use of complete pressure of turbine you impose cold her, leaving the car in the low speed 5-10 minutes or control the same time with very relaxed rythms (without turbo pressure). This for does not remain the oil in the turbine while this is heat, is burned and leaves residues which will destroy the turbine in connection with the devastating constriction-dilation that will exist and in future cracks. Good it is him we always little leave in lowspeed after we have stopped (until 1 thin) until him we extinguish, while it should him we extinguish never with 4 dots temperature (100 degrees).

Still something that should beware of it is the car it is not extinguished never with speed in the box. We put reverse, provided that we want, turning the switch after he is extinguished. As it is acquaintance in all the cars when him we begin we are careful they are not turned on Fotis because exists their serious probability of burn from the abrupt fluctuation of tendency of current.

Programmed service the delegation he is each 15.000km or one year. The change of oils is forecasted by the each Smart 7.500km. Important in the changes of oils in order to we are glad for many km our Smart is becomes always each 5.000km with synthetic, oil of most excellent quality (contrary to certain permitted garages that use semi-synthetic oil operator of quality, exclusively because cost, while him debit more expensively from one good synthetic), fluidity 10W-40 (for the 600cc) which covers specifications MB 229.1 or 229.3 and essentially specifications MB 229.5 (5W-30, 0W-30) for the 700cc. (More useful connections on characteristically, specifications, manufacture, types of oils etc you can you find here). The oils in the Smart  do not change with the classic way as in most cars, where unbolt a screw in the sump and oil is poured, but with the said pump that sucks the oil from the engine via pipe that enters in the indicator of oil. Such hand pumps are sold mainly in shops with engines and goods of ships of sea. Filter of oil it should we change in each change of oils the one and designing of filters that uses the Smart is not offered the best wuality that can be manufactured. If by any chance it needs supplement should this become always, with precisely the same oil that we used at the change (in order to we avoid the incompatibility of additives that they contain the oils). Attention the measurement of oil becomes with 3 Parliaments temperature in level ground and after the car has cold for two-three minutes while the oil it should they are always between the middle of two lines of indicator and never up to above (according to recent directive of Mercedes - in 2006). Never does not become measurement while the car is cold or very hot, the measurement will be absolutely error and particularly calamitous. The first change in the car should become in 1.500-2.000 first km the car so as to is cleaned the engine from by any chance real scraps of metal that emanate from the engine and the factory. The set od the engine should becomes roughly up to 2.000-2.500km with continuous alternation of speeds with control up to 3500 rpm while momently (and no continuously repeated) it can reach also the 5000 - 5500 rpm, naturally following the above directives.

sphinx mobile

Certain short importantly information relative with oils: The oils have biggest time of life from the moment where they will enter in the engine, one year. The 80% of + deterioration of car become at his departure, because acidic gases of oils that are created while they are burned, they are also liquefied "they eat" the metals of engine. This becomes the 20 first seconds of departure of engine and it does not have no relation with known worm up the engine that other constructors recommend and other no. Finally the oils have the natural attribute they absorb the devastating humidity and burn it at operation of engine, something that naturally degrades considerably their characteristics. This means that a car that you move a time the week has a lot more deteriorations than a other that you move daily. For more here

Service the Smart Fortwo they cost in roughly, minimum in permitted garages for the 15.000km 100 Euros (oils, filters of oils, air controls), 30.000km 300 Euros (moreover liquids of brakes, brake pads, antifreeze, filter of petrol, sparks), 45.000km 100 Euros (that also in 15.000hm), 60.000km 400 Euros (that also in the 30.000 km and moreover rear brakes and liquid of box of speeds), 75.000km 100 Euros (that also in the 15.000 km), 90.000km 300 Euros (that also in the 30.000 km). These prices are minimal and they are shaped depending on the work that will become and naturally with problems that are except programmed service. Important if they do not have in the garage synthetic oil them you go what you want you. Ideal it is you use always the same press, make of oil. Finally the change of brake fluid should become each 30.000km or 2 years biggest (the brake fluid has the attribute to absorb the humidity - water. The boiling point of the water is by far lower than that of brake fluid so that we do not have smooth braking and you observe the phenomenon of gradual braking - fading), with brake fluid of specifications DOT 4 (never DOT 5.1 - liquid with base of silicone, because is not probably drawn the circuit of brakes of Smart and creates important problems). Cost of fluid 5 -10 Euro, work 20 Euros (except permitted), duration 10 minutes.

Reasonable indicative prices for materials that are used in the Service have as follows: brake fluid 5-10 Euro, oils eg BP Visco 5000 Synthetic W10-40 (for 600cc only) 11 eyrw/l, sparks NGK 33 Euros (set of 6), air filter (smart) 15 Euros, filter of gas (smart) 15 Euros, filter of oil 5 Euros. Bulbs Philips Premium H7 + 30% 7.5 Euro, stop bulbs etc 0.50 Euros, brake pads (Textar, Ferodo) 45 Euros (naturally in permitted the prices can comfortably are disproportionately higher specifically in sparks, bulbs, oils)

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Passive - Energetic safety

Smart Fortwo vs Seicento

The Smart Fortwo is from manufacture exceptionally safe. It is not accidental that has the most inflexible cabin of passengers from all the cars of production of world, which the wrapping of is named tridion. The 2 anterior airbags in the basic equipment increase this safety tridion while he is drawn in side-frontal conflicts so as to you absorb the energy of collision from tridion the wheels and the absorbers with result the cabin remains intact in any conflict. The optional lateral airbags (300 Euros) improve very very little the already most excellent manufacture. Moreover exists column of wheel which recedes automatically in case of conflict, areas with pre tensioners incorporated in the seats of which are special manufacture with metal back that apart from high quality comfort that they offer they protect entire the body from any object it is found in the space of baggages as from any rear conflict.

The electronic systems that it has render impossible the inversion in difficult conditions, detering each which crooked that can lead to this (always in in the laws of physics). Thus with big difficulty loses the accretion, control of vehicle the driver. In this contribute the hard suspensions that him make remind in the control kart, that however him allows has null bents in the turns ensuring very good quality of rolling, handling and of course braking. The low weight (740 kilos) in combination with the high factor of aerodynamic - lateral surface are minus in ways with more from 100 km/hour and enough possible side air of one and are real insignificant phenomena of instability, small importance. Front it allocates disks (unfortunately not aired only that if we put after market drilled, grooved) . The rubbers front are always smaller than behind and this in order to are decreased the phenomena of instability in big speeds because of the winds, in order to it has decreased frictions therefore also consumption, but also in order to is lighter the wheel which does not allocate system of assistance but because the minimal weight in the forward part of car, does not become perceptible. It comfortably travels with 110-130 km in national depending on the publication (the horses that it has that is to say) even if in big travels it tires (after has been tired this first…). As him you make it is a car of city, the better car of city that exists…

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The real consumption oscillates from 4,7 l/100km highway with constant speed until 7,5 l/100km in traffic, with many times warm up - cold down and with deeply accelerated. The CPU of Smart Fortwo is regulated from the constructor for use of simple gas 95 octanes. (The consumption of gas more octanes, (super unleaded) from what is regulated the CPU of engine has as result his decreased output. For the exploitation of more octanes it needs increase avans, when this does not become the petrol is burned more with difficulty with result the decreased output of engine)

For the achievement of as much as possible lower consumption (and less deteriorations) important is the accelerator is always regularly stepped, without wasteful changes of speeds, control in the turns that the engine attributes his biggest propensity and is avoided the deep step of accelerator in low turns with big speed in the box of speeds (specifically for the deterioration of engine where thus are created enormous pressures and deformities in pistons, piston rods etc) relative indicator has adopted in the dash of models her TOYOTA afterwards the 1988. Something unknown for many is that the cars that use system of injection and are moved with speed in the gera box but without accelerator they consume by no means his petrol because there is no fuel injection in the cylinders (eg in slope) and thus the consumption is absolutely null concerning they was moved with deads in these cases (in cars with computer of consumption in these cases you are careful it writes 0 l/100hm as eg in Opel).

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Mechanic improvements

MCC Smart Brabus Ultimate

The most economic and efficient improvement is the placement of free air filter so as to breathes better the engine and it achieves better propensities. For example a filter K&N gives 30% free import of air with 60 Euros and does not need never change only that cleaning with the special parcel of oil, detergent that is sold separately. Attention no in the use of wired filters that is only for dance floors while in daily use it can they turn out devastatingly.

Important the upgrade of CPU, car (program) where it improves considerably the records of car, decreases very very little the big time of change of speeds (mainly in the 600cc) and suppresses the cutter with important reduction of the known small reliability of car. Natural it is the consumption it is increased. Cost 300-1500 Euro.

The addition of blow off valve is a interesting addition that substantially only something positive makes in the Smart (and this justifies her absence in all his publications, even in the Brabus) apart from the existence of characteristic chap that they make the cars with Turbo at the release of the throtle. Natural it is in the Smart it is not heard and particularly, because size of turbine and pressure that raises up. If it does not become of course the right choice of the blow off valve and her spring, then sure they are after each change to lose all propensity exists and the car to hang. Costs about 180 Euros.

The change of other exhaust with ameliorative is more change that him makes more beautiful despite faster. It in includes catalyst in the exhaust and the cost it begins from 600 Euros and reaches the 2000 Euro for authentic exhaust Brabus. It is imposed however in cases where is essential the replacement of factorial (as eg in some accident) one and this with sensor l exceeds the 900 Euros and is judged disadvantageous.

Appreciable are judged the changes of forward brake disks with other of grilled, grooved one and those that wear from the delegation they are not air free. Cost, 60 Euros for Brembo (regular) until 200 Euros (for grooved, drilled). This change is imposed it includes also brake pads, at preference softly (are worn out faster but brakes considerably better special in lower speeds that are also the main use of Smart) Cost 45 Euros. Finally high pressure pipes for the brakes they will improve considerably the sense of braking no however and the output - distance of immobilisation. Cost 100 Euros. With these changes in the system of brakes, will be decreased the phenomenon of activation of ABS with least (which does not create important problems certain), in streets with low accretion, even if the better change that can be become in the sector of braking, is the placement of bigger tyres (175 instead 145) in the forward wheels which should be usually accompanied from change rims and from change of dimension and in the rear wheels. (this prices are without work)


Smart Fortwo Tridion Safety Cell

The Smart Fortwo have 2 years guarantee for any mechanic problem present or up to 100.000km and 30 years for antirusty protection for tridion. It is thus galvanised that also in the bottom of sea it was for 10 years would not rust! Finally it would be good you are certified at the insurance of your Smart, the actuarial company in the fracture of crystals, to cover also the glass roof.

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